About Frank & Olive Packaging

The most beautifully packaged treats in South Africa

The experience of being treated and receiving a beautiful, thoughtful gift begins with the packaging!

The story of our unique look starts with the name. For that we have the youngest member of our family, Luke, to thank. He has two older sisters: Francesca and Olivia, but he has always called them Frank and Olive, and so that seemed like a natural fit, especially as I'm hoping to rope them into our growing business!

Then came the design. A big shout out to long time friend and awesome designer Ryan Botha from A Love Supreme who managed to take the many ideas that were twirling around in my imagination, tweak them and perfectly execute them into what is now the Frank & Olive brand.

Caring for our environment is important to us and so we try to use as little packaging as possible. Don't be fooled, our treat boxes may be compact but they are packed tight with our delights. 

I hope you fall in love, as we have, with the stylish boxes & labelling we've produced, with all our products overseen by the elegant Cape Sugarbird. The Sugarbird enjoys a stable diet of sweet, golden nectar and so is the perfect choice to watch over our sweet treats, all sourced from local businesses!